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A warm hearted welcome!

Dear guests,

In order to guarantee you an optimal and "calming" stay, which can currently be described as calming, I would like to give you the following information.

At the reception there is a dispenser for arriving and departing guests and a note to disinfect their hands.

These information signs and the associated dispensers are also located at the entrance and exit of the lobby restaurant lounge. (So ​​no guest can get past it)

The room keys are also disinfected on departure after the guest has handed them in.

Housekeeping has long been instructed that in the rooms, in addition to the washing and shower fittings, as well as the door handles of the entrance and bathroom doors, this has already been practiced with regard to coliform bacteria, must be disinfected daily.

This is also done in the public area of ​​the toilets.

Handrails in the stair areas as well as the door handles in the public areas are also included.

In the restaurant:

This is also practiced with the tables in the restaurant area as soon as the table is no longer occupied and before a new guest uses the table.

The employees are also instructed to keep a sufficient distance from the guests and to wash and disinfect their hands as often as possible. There is also a face mask at the reception and our employees can also use it as needed and willingly to prevent any droplets from spreading.

These are current preventive measures in our house.

With warm regards and with the hope for improvement.

Your Heidehotel Anna

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